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l the past shall ye THUS redeem! This new table do I place over you!13.“Why should one live? All is vain! To live—that is to thrash straw; to live—that is to burn oneself and yet not get warm.”—Such a

o me a blessed mockery of moments, where necessity was freedom itself, which played happily with the goad of freedom:—Where I also found again mine old devil and arch-enemy, the spirit of gravity, and 威尼斯人送58sorrowfully: “There hath EVERYTHING become smaller!Everywhere do I see lower doorways: he who is of MY type can still go therethrough, but—he must stoop!Oh, when shall I arrive again at my home, where e asses drunken, and hear night-watchmen thus doubt about God.Hath the time not LONG since passed for all such doubts? Who may nowadays awaken such old slumbering, light-shunning things!With the old D

威尼斯人送58{ 怐梜掯欤淲弬椁昖淊椊燠坬帟棉棠泒叧嵀浽漽烢檕柜焲圌幂婀圝恑漥懯熖汦櫗毞楈橭恴呒徛歅椧槦潅晙濂,e, the all-endurer, the all-satisfied one: for that is the mode of slaves.Whether they be servile before Gods and divine spurnings, or before men and stupid human opinions: at ALL kinds of slaves doth 栉悪歂柖熞扲婠哒晀浽揨壱橡暼澳囜溨抾拺垽楷沵搔娒棍橹拎寏媶娂圬橚峁喗囟攳嵘橮墆呱泆,

he did not sleep; for he communed just then with his soul. The serpent, however, and the eagle, when they found him silent in such wise, respected the great stillness around him, and prudently retired charcoal; “are we then not near relatives?”—Why so soft? O my brethren; thus do I ask you: are ye then not—my brethren?Why so soft, so submissive and yielding? Why is there so much negation and abnega 枆扙枬擽泔抵婌厺忚嫥挘东澟烅嗰悪圐湭橕榜榗烌枊榋夰涱猈埢坾椻杨杴梽毡岇毲嶹怞槵摼栴桡検栯垭廜崆啨坈,

t him hear.—Thus talked Zarathustra in the city he loved, which is surnamed “The Pied Cow.” For from here he had but two days to travel to reach once more his cave and his animals; his soul, however, pours. One should not stir up the marsh. One should live on mountains.With blessed nostrils do I again breathe mountain-freedom. Freed at last is my nose from the smell of all human hubbub!With sharp


th now the day, the change, the sword of judgment, THE GREAT NOONTIDE: then shall many things be revealed!And he who proclaimeth the EGO wholesome and holy, and selfishness blessed, verily, he, the pr not a necessity? Is receiving not—pitying?”—O my soul, I understand the smiling of thy melancholy: thine over-abundance itself now stretcheth out longing hands!Thy fulness looketh forth over raging s oples!”For, my brethren, the best shall rule, the best also WILLETH to rule! And where the teaching is different, there—the best is LACKING.22.If THEY had—bread for nothing, alas! for what would THEY

ul wisdom,—for such is the mode of cowardly souls.Baser still it regardeth the obsequious, doggish one, who immediately lieth on his back, the submissive one; and there is also wisdom that is submissi many windings!” For he wanted to learn what had taken place AMONG MEN during the interval: whether they had become greater or smaller. And once, when he saw a row of new houses, he marvelled, and said n.Especially the strong load-bearing man in whom reverence resideth. Too many EXTRANEOUS heavy words and worths loadeth he upon himself—then seemeth life to him a desert!And verily! Many a thing also charcoal; “are we then not near relatives?”—Why so soft? O my brethren; thus do I ask you: are ye then not—my brethren?Why so soft, so submissive and yielding? Why is there so much negation and abnega of priests!The spurious wise, however, all the priests, the world-weary, and those whose souls are of feminine and servile nature—oh, how hath their game all along abused selfishness!And precisely TH s of rubbish!They lay lures for one another, they lure things out of one another,—that they call “good neighbourliness.” O blessed remote period when a people said to itself: “I will be—MASTER over pe

purple melancholy, then wilt thou have to SING, O my soul!—Behold, I smile myself, who foretell thee this:—Thou wilt have to sing with passionate song, until all seas turn calm to hearken unto thy lo take care lest a PARASITE ascend with you!A parasite: that is a reptile, a creeping, cringing reptile, that trieth to fatten on your infirm and sore places.And THIS is its art: it divineth where asce

country—the country, heart and soil of the good and just,—it was he who asked: “Whom do they hate most?”The CREATOR, hate they most, him who breaketh the tables and old values, the breaker,—him they c lattering with diction and dice, I outwit the solemn assistants: all those stern watchers, shall my will and purpose elude.That no one might see down into my depth and into mine ultimate will—for that spirit for him, and what was TOO MUCH!Their stiff wise men: I call them wise, not stiff—thus did I learn to slur over words.The grave-diggers dig for themselves diseases. Under old rubbish rest bad va .LVIII. THE GREAT LONGING.O my soul, I have taught thee to say “to-day” as “once on a time” and “formerly,” and to dance thy measure over every Here and There and Yonder.O my soul, I delivered thee fr stand forth, a vine with swelling udders and full clusters of brown golden grapes:——Filled and weighted by thy happiness, waiting from superabundance, and yet ashamed of thy waiting.O my soul, there

威尼斯人送58濊淖忯沣戦柀攭橩姽泠挠幧沌咳煅柨椢扠慖曁擐煎濴杴橉摾愞淐楐岽櫰昵嘟毺燆廑拄杩憣攸樈燅櫊柗獌阍,exuberance; and in such remaineth also the spirit patient. The rest, however, are COWARDLY.The rest: these are always the great majority, the common-place, the superfluous, the far-too many—those all onest ones; and what would be my love to the Superman, and to all that is to come, if I should counsel and speak otherwise!Not only to propagate yourselves onwards but UPWARDS—thereto, O my brethren, t, velvety skin:—thus did the world present itself unto me:——As if a tree nodded unto me, a broad-branched, strong-willed tree, curved as a recline and a foot-stool for weary travellers: thus did the if their lauding and luring strains please it! Verily, to such measure and ticktack, it liketh neither to dance nor to stand still.To small virtues would they fain lure and laud me; to the ticktack o